Paintings and Portraits by Barbara Noll
Juried Art Exhibition
Karen Fedri wrote this in the MAA flyer for the 34th Annual Fall Juried Art Exhibition on Oct.14 - Nov.11, 2011

"The Best of Show not only mastered but transcended the medium and created a window to another reality beyond the canvas surface. The brushwork, painting technique, and use of colorto create both light and compositional balance seen in our Best in Show instantlyreminded me of a painting by Giovanni Boldini (an Italian genre painter belonging to the School of Paris and friend of Degas) hanging in the Clark Museum titled "Return of the Fishing Boats, Etretat" painted in 1879. Our Best in Show's brushwork created motion on every level from the breeze blowing across the scene, rustling the leaves and bending the grass, to the clanging of the cow's bell as it's being pursued. The manipulation of palette color to cteate an intensely independent light source illumined from within the composition was both lyrical and virtuosic."

Karen Fedri has worked for the Whitney Museum of american Art in New York City as well as Christi's, Inc.currently, she runs her own art consulting and appraisal firm, Fedri Fine Art, LLC, in which she manages a select few artists, advises and brokers art accquisitions. and is a USPAP qualified appraiser. In Dallas, she has worked as with the Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers, and Gerald Peters Gallery.
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